Baithak Foundation organizes a wide range of events – from small concerts at schools and temples to appreciation workshops and de-stressing sessions for corporates. We also conduct workshops for students, teachers and parents. Here are some of our sought after offering: 

Baithak @Classes (for students) 

Our @Classes initiative aims to introduce Indian Classical Music to young listeners. We curate 90 minute interactive concerts where kids can observe the artists and the art very closely and can interact with the artists and instruments post the concert. We ensure that kids are exposed to a wide range of styles in Indian Classical Music like Hindustani Vocal, Dhrupad, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, String instruments, Wind instruments, Percussion instruments etc. 

Indian Classical Music Workshops (for students)

After conducting many well attended concerts at numerous locations, as a next of @classes initiatives, we rolled out workshops. The workshop could be organized either as a single day intervention or can be spread over a week or so depending upon the schedule and number of participants. 

MusiCal Workshops (for teachers and parents) 

Music plays a crucial role in brain development and hence in the development of life skills and cognitive, social and emotional capabilities of individuals. MusiCal workshop introduces basics of Indian Classical Music to parents and teachers and provides them resources and training to introduce Indian Classical Music to kids in an interesting and joyful manner. 

Nad Yoga (De-stressing workshops for corporates and working individuals) 

Nad Yoga is a 90 minutes workshop, designed for working professionals which helps them de-stress using music and right breathing. This workshop makes use of connection between our breathing and nervous system and uses that to reduce stress and foster creativity, decision making and other cognitive abilities of the participants. After each workshop, we provide participants with guided practice tracks using which they can practice regularly at their convenience at home to achieve long term benefits.

Some of the venues where we have done events/workshops/appreciation sessions: