Nad Yoga is a 90 minutes workshop, designed for working professionals which helps them de-stress using music and right breathing practice. This workshop makes use of connection between our breathing and nervous system and uses that to reduce stress and foster creativity, decision making and other cognitive abilities of the participants. After each workshop, we provide participants with guided practice tracks using which they can practice regularly at their convenience to achieve long term benefits. 
We have conducted Nad Yoga for manufacturing companies, IT companies and also for mixed pool of professionals from different industry segments. 
Baithak Foundation is actively working to take classical music to masses in a meaningful way. We believe that this art has the potential to help us reconfigure ourselves in such a manner that it can potentially change the way in which we receive ourselves and the world around us.
We look forward to offer this workshop to conscious organizations (corporates, schools, government agencies, educational institutes etc. ) which are always a step ahead when it comes to ensuring the well-being of their employees. 
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