Through Baithak@Classes, we take Indian Classical Music to municipal schools and after schools centers in an interesting yet authentic manner. Baithak @Classes is a participatory program, specifically tailored to the needs of young children, in under-served communities. Every aspect of the program is carefully crafted to maximise the
involvement of children:
  • Each concert is 1 hour in duration keeping shorter attention spans in mind, 
  • Pre-work – children help design the posters, help with preconcert prep and serve as word of mouth advertisers, 
  • Post-work – question and answer sessions with the artists, follow-ups in the class etc.
  • Venue is in the school and 
  • Teachers and parents are encouraged to participate and ask questions.
Our aim is to enhance the sensitivity of children to the beauty of the classical arts while appealing to
their natural curiosity. Baithak @Classes twin goals are to once again make these classical arts a
part of everyone’s life and at the same time provide direct benefit to the arts and artists.