Instead of working in a silo, Baithak believes in collaborative effort which involves bringing together numerous components of the eco-system of Indian Classical Music. Working as a co-operative ensures efficient project execution leading to higher social ROI. This page showcases work portfolio of a co-operative, consisting of handful of organizations which are working together to strengthen the eco-system of Indian Classical Music. For more information about these projects, you can either get in touch with us or the respective organizations. 
Post concert discussion with students.


Run by : Baithak Foundation
Baithak@Classes is the flagship program of Baithak Foundation. Under this program, we organize curated interactive concerts of Indian Classical Music for students at underprivileged schools, construction sites, community centers etc.
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Kalkeri Sangeet Vidyalaya

Run by : KSV, Kalkeri, Dharwad.
KSV is a residential school which provides education in academic subjects with a major focus on Hindustani Classical Music, Bharatanatayam Dance and Drama to children from socially and economically challenged backgrounds. In addition to music and academic education, food, accommodation and healthcare are all provided free of cost.  
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Run by : Baithak Foundation

Baithak@Temples is an initiative where we will be curating completely acoustic concerts in naturally acoustic places like temples, palaces, and other religious places made from stone and wood. The objective of this initiative is to let audience experience Indian Classical Music in its purest form.  More details coming soon!

Illustrated Books 

Run by : Baithak Foundation

Stories of musicians are a great treasure trove. Popularly, kissas or anecdotal accounts of musicians for long have inspired us. Sharing these stories with children is important as they will allow children to understand the human values behind great musicians and their success.
Baithak Foundation plans to create 5 illustrated books about Indian Classical Musicians. These books will play the important role of introducing this art form to young readers and create curiosity in their minds about this art form. 
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Music Archiving 

Run by : Pt. Firoz Dastur Memorial Foundation 

The Baithak ‘Musium’ of Indian Classical Music is a creation of the Pt. Firoz Dastur Memorial Foundation, a non-profit, 80(c) registered charitable trust in India. The objective of this Musium is to showcase the masterworks of the many great masters of India’s Classical Music heritage and collect stories, photographs and meta-data around these performers.
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Tune In Community Sessions  

Run by : Baithak Foundation 

Tune In is a series of sessions that aims to introduce participants to the world of Indian Classical Music (ICM). Spread over six sessions, Tune In  covers topics like Raagas, significance Sur, Taal and Lay and many other interesting topics like  importance of tanpura, harnessing the power of music for our well-being etc. What is unique about these sessions is that these sessions are highly interactive in nature and participants are also encouraged to sing and experience the magic of ICM for themselves!   

Nad Yoga De-stressing Sessions   

Run by : Baithak Foundation 

Nad Yoga is a 90 minutes workshop, designed for working professionals which helps them de-stress using music practice and right breathing. This workshop makes use of connection between our breathing and nervous system and uses that to reduce stress and foster creativity, decision making and other cognitive abilities of the participants. After each workshop, we provide participants with guided practice tracks using which they can practice regularly at their convenience at home to achieve long term benefits. 
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