Illustrated Books

After working with schools and children for a period of over one year, Baithak Foundation has recognized the need for good quality literature, textbooks, and other teaching aids. Knowledge about Indian Classical Music has been primarily reduced to cold facts and highly technical content. A study of available content for children highlights the need for engaging text, appropriate for young readers.

Our first book, Freddy, on the life of Pt. Firoz Dastur is available for readers on Amaon. Here is the link.


Fellowship Program: Taalim

Taalim is a fellowship program through which Baithak engages talented musicians with school children. This program is being run at schools and centers where Baithak has been working for 2 or more years. 

The fellows go to school once a week to teach their art form to a batch of 10 to 15 students. Presently, this program is being run at 5 locations in Pune. 

Naad Yog

Naad Yog Wellness Sessions

Naad Yoga is a 90 minutes workshop, designed for working professionals which helps them de-stress using music and right breathing practice. This workshop makes use of connection between our breathing and nervous system and uses that to reduce stress and foster creativity, decision making and other cognitive abilities of the participants.  
We have conducted Naad Yoga for manufacturing companies, IT companies and also for mixed pool of professionals from different industry segments. We look forward to offer this workshop to conscious organizations (corporates, schools, government agencies, educational institutes etc.)

Tune IN

Tune IN Community Sessions

Tune In is a series of sessions that aim to introduce participants to the world of Indian Classical Music (ICM). Spread over six sessions, Tune In covers topics like Raagas, the significance of Sur, Taal and Lay and many other interesting topics like the importance of tanpura, harnessing the power of music for our well-being etc.

We conduct Tune IN sessions for Hindustani Music, Carnatic Music and dance forms like Kathak, Odissi, and Bharatnatyam. 

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Baithak@Classes is the flagship program of Baithak Foundation. Under this program, we organize curated interactive concerts of Indian Classical Music for students at underprivileged schools, construction sites, community centers etc.

This Program is being run at 15 locations (mix of municipal schools, community centres and construction sites) in Pune and  5 schools in Solapur.